Going Live with a Custom Domain

Cool! You’re about to make your site accessible using your own domain name!

We recommend using Cloudflare and their CNAME Flattening feature to point both the root domain (no-www) and the “www” CNAME to “whoknowswebsites.com“. This will ensure your site is always live with us even when we make server modifications to better serve you.

  1. Create or update the “www” CNAME record of your domain to point to “whoknowswebsites.com
  2. Create a CNAME record for the “non-www” of your domain by typing “@” (or your domain name) in the “Name” field and pointing it to “whoknowswebsites.com

Here’s what your settings should look like in Cloudflare:

If you’re using something else to manage your DNS (Godaddy, Google Domains, etc…) you’ll need to do these steps:

  1. Point the “www” CNAME record of your domain to “whoknowswebsites.com” on your DNS manager
  2. Forward your domain traffic from your “non-www” to the “www” of your domain

Your CNAME record should look something like this:

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